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Proudly Present:
                                                         Seminar on International Taxation

                                                                     17 December 2013

                                                            Cross-border VAT
        Indonesian Tax Firm, Worldwide Knowledge

            VAT are becoming increasingly      The following specific topics will be   4. Special Transaction
          more important throughout the world.   addressed:                       a.  Zero Rate, Exemption
          Indonesia was one of countries that   1.  Concept and Application of VAT
          implement VAT system since 1985 to                                      b. VAT Integrated
          replace the previous sales tax system.   a.  VAT as tax on consumption  c.  VAT Treatment on Personal Use
          Although, it has been applied since a long   b.  Implementation of VAT system  and Provided Free of Charged
          time, not all people are familiar with this
          form of taxation and impact of this tax   2.  Facilities and VAT Planning  d. Comparative Study: VAT Policy
          system to business activity. Given these   a. VAT Facilities               Problem in EU
          important developments and interests,                                5. International Transaction
          this seminar starts by identifying the   b. VAT Planning
          concept and general application of VAT.       i. Split off Business Activity  a. Import
                                                    ii. Merger Business Activity  b. Export
            The main purpose of this seminar
          is to provide academic knowledge and   c.  Scheme of VAT Planning       c.  VAT on Cross-Border Services/
          understanding of the field of Value   3. Specific Industry                 Intangibles: Telecommunication,
          Added Tax (VAT) in business activity.                                      E-Commerce
          The seminar also deals with policy   a.  VAT on mining sectors in the        i. Place of Supply
                                                  form of a Contract of Work or a
          and practice problems in Indonesian     Production Sharing Contract          ii. Place of Consumption
          VAT. The emphasis of this seminar is                                    d.  Relevant VAT Case Law
          on the VAT treatment of cross-border   b.  VAT on Immovable Property
          transactions and the impact thereof on   c.  VAT on Financial Services  e. Comparative Study
          decision-making processes concerning                                         i. VAT System in EU
          multinational enterprises when conduct   d.  Comparative Study: VAT in EU       ii. OECD VAT Guidelines
          their business.

                           David Hamzah Damian            The Seminar will be held in:              Time:
                           Partner for Tax Compliance and
       Speakers:           DANNY DARUSSALAM Tax Center   DANNY DARUSSALAM Training Center  Tuesday, 17 December 2013
                           Litigation Services at

                                                        Menara Satu Sentra Kelapa Gading
                                                        6th Floor, Unit #0601 - 0602
                                                        Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading LA3 No. 1
                                                                                        Start from 9am until 5pm
                                                        Summarecon, Kelapa Gading

                           Khisi Armaya Dhora           Jakarta Utara 14240
                           Specialist of Tax compliance and       Facilities:                   Investment:
                           Litigation Services at
                           DANNY DARUSSALAM Tax Center
                                                                                          IDR 2.500.000 per person.
                                                        Seminar kit, Updated hardcopy     Due to limited seating
                                                        material, Certificates, Coffee break   available (25 seats), we
                                                        and meals, Library access, and others   recommend you to register
                                                        modern supporting facility        early in order to reserve your

                                                For further information and details, you may contact:

                               Ms Eny Marliana                          Ms Ayu Mita
    More Information:
                               Mobile-phone    :  +62 815 898 0228      Mobile-phone     :  +62 812 8041 4460
                               Phone                    :  +6221 2938 5758  Phone               :  +6221 2938 5758
                               Email               :  Email                :
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