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Empowering Transfer Pricing Analysis

                       A data and process driven tax analysis tool that helps you with compliance,
                          risk management and planning. TP Catalyst is used by tax authorities
                                       globally – benefi t from using the same tool.

           Planning                                                                        TP Management

            •  Do feasibility analyses for new locations                            • Understand group structures
             or structures                                                           • Set intra-group agreements
            •  Compare scenarios based on
             different assumptions
            • Identify savings opportunities
                                           Set your             Implement
                                         tax policies

            •  Research compliance                                                             • Monitor using
             requirements globally                                                            operating results
            •  Generate TP reports                                                          • Highlight areas of
             to include in                  Comply             Monitor and                    potential TP risk
             your documentation                                    adjust            • Run scenarios for potential
            •  Comply with documentation                                                       TP adjustments
             requirements - domestically                                        • Challenge tax authority positions
             and internationally                                                         with same data sources
            •  Save templates and update documentation                       • Quantify potential TP adjustments for
             easily - on an ongoing basis                                                        tax provisions

            Compliance                                                                   Risk Management

            Key datasets / tools
            • Industry research                  •  Lending margin data for intra-group fi nance
            • Comprehensive company information   • Credit risk model for intra-group fi nance
            • Corporate structures               •  Royalty rate information for intra-group
            • IBFD global library of TP legislation  licensing of intangibles

                                                                     65 64969000
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